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The weather is trying very hard to settle into the North West monsoon season. Over the last few days there has been a steady breeze, a few spatterings of rain (very localised... my wife called today to say there was very heavy rain at home, just 10km as the crow flies from where I sat... I only saw a few drips, a light drizzle for a few minutes. Otherwise it had been a largely warm and "partly cloudy" day.

Tonight is very calm. The rain earlier made the air cool as I rode home on the bike.

But it was not the weather on people's minds today. I have lost any possible respect for the PAD today. Stop it. They are acting like spoiled brats. The shutdown of Suvarnabhumi airport is quite idiotic. Idiotic. Personally, I hope all this nonsense will lead to fresh elections. If there is a new election, the same party will win. The PAD should stand down and try to take part in a democratic Thailand.

Live Weather in Phuket!

Some time ago, Willy from Kitesurf Thailand started a live weather station at Nai Yang beach in the north of Phuket near the airport. Their base for Kitesurfing has moved to Chalong Bay in the south of the island - they move with the winds. Nai Yang is on the west coast, so the NE winds are not much good over there! Kitesurf Thailand also has a brand new shop in Pranburi, on the east coast of Thailand a few hours south of Bangkok.. some good wind over there right now!

Anyway... here's the live Phuketw eather station at Chalong Bay:

Live Phuket Weather

I have fielded several emails and phone calls today regarding the "situation" in Phuket... There is no "situation" here. I have a feeling the people of Phuket are looking at the PAD protests in Bangkok and thinking "what the &*#@ are you doing?"

Hope to see you soon!

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on November 26, 2008

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