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You never had it so good (weather in Phuket)

The rain of last week is forgotten. The sky this morning was clear, the air fresh, the morning dew covering the garden. And the sky stayed clear and blue all day. Not a hint of rain, barely a cloud, it does not get better than this!

I took a quick walk on Karon Beach this morning before opening the dive shop. The water was looking very inviting and very clean. Should be OK for some beach dives soon. The beaches are great early in the morning, hardly a soul about. Yours can be the first footprints of the new day...

Footprint in the sand, Karon Beach, 4th November

Vacant beach chairs, Karon Beach, 4th November

There are always a few people out for an early morning walk or jog. They get to see the beach nice and quiet. Empty beach chairs, morning light.

The water this morning looked very clear. The west winds have stopped now, so the sea is very calm and will get calmer still over the coming week. Surfers? You better look somewhere else! Divers - get here now!

Karon Beach 4th November

In the afternoon, I took a trip to Chalong Bay with "da boss" to check out a couple of liveaboard dive boats. One brand new, and one older sailing boat that looks interesting. Liveaboards are the best way to dive our "crown jewel" - the Similan Islands.

Over the years Chalong Bay has changed, with the big new jetty, more development round the edges, but the view below has hardly changed.

Chalong Bay, looking South, 4th November 2008

I am looking forward to another perfect blue skied, fresh aired morning tomorrow! Also looking forward to the results of "the" elections. No fooling. The results of the US elections have an impact on the whole world. I will just say, and as a citizen of the world I have an opinion on the matter.. I will say "GoBama" :) I welcome flaming comments from McCain supporters, but will say in advance "Bad luck y'all". Now get on with rebulding your ailing superpower and support your new president.

Keep up with events on the BBC. We are between 12 and 15 hours ahead of the USA here in Thailand so I will NOT be watching results come in as they happen.

You never had it so good (weather in Phuket)  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on November 4, 2008

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