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No snow in Phuket

Well, the fresh snowfalls in England last week have probably turned to good old English slush by now. I am sure my kids would like to see snow some day, but it's not going to happen here in Phuket! Well, if it does, I guess we're all scr*wed :)

Another hot sunny weekend, some breezes blowing so it does not feel too hot. A sporting weekend back home in England, though the weather meant a lot of football games were cancelled. The England rugby team managed a win, but the cricketers can blame the Caribbean heat after being swatted like flies against the Windies. I managed some cricket on Saturday - well, a plastic kids cricket set in a friends garden! An inspired spell of spin bowling took the prize wicket of an Australian batsman... age 7. Sorry, mate!

Also on Saturday we relaxed at our favourite little restaurant - The Beach Bar, which is at Cape Panwa. It's another Phuket down there, away from the busy roads and main tourist hang outs. Kids love it too.

Beach near our favourite beachside hangout in Phuket

(above) - Beach at The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa - click to enlarge

No snow in Phuket  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on February 8, 2009

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