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Phuket vs. England

What a weather comparison this week. Here in Phuket it has been hot all week, no rain, light winds, just the way it should be. A bit hazy here and there, but HOT nonetheless. Conditions on the water are great. I heard from some dive staff who said yesterday's trip to Phi Phi was the best of the year. Flat seas, 25 meter visibility in the water.. OK, I really need a days diving next week!

Of course I have been working all week and not been out taking any photos of the blue skies (with haze). Hoping for a lazy beach day on Saturday. With all the working I totally forgot about the Old Phuket festival which was on over the weekend. Oh to be a full time Phuket blogger and have time for everything!

Not to worry, I hope to find time to visit the "OTOP" fair (OTOP = One Tambon, One Product.. a Tambon is equivalent to a "village", it's an administrative subdivision) which runs from now until the 12th at Sapan Hin in the south of Phuket Town.

So, hot and sunny here in Phuket.

I have not seen snow for at least 10 years. I guess the last time was on a trip to Europe in 1997, The snow in Switzerland made a fairytale scene. Very pretty. Very cold! England has been freezing this week. Snow has caused all kind of chaos. Here's a few photos taken by my folks back home...


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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on February 5, 2009

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