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Nearly end of the High Season?

This week has been a Songkran hangover. After a fun day on Monday, everyone faces up to a few realities. With Songkran and Easter both done and dusted (Easter Monday was the same day as Songkran), the tourist high season is just about over. The restaurant next to our dive shop packed everything up today. Most package tours stop on about April 15th, and we've only a few more weeks of the main dive season left. We do open year round, but the Similan Islands are more or less off limits from mid May until mid October.

Yep, Songkran was great - my photos of Monday's Water festival are here: Songkran in Patong April 13th 2009. It was a hot, hot day, although in the morning we thought it might be a wet Songkran.. well it was, but .. you know what I mean. My son dashed out to retrieve a toy from the garden...

13th April - a bit of rain before the Songkran fun

Day after Songkran... kids tired out from all the fun... another HOT day.. I went to work, my wife reported that little boy woke up at midday! Oh to be 4 again!

Wednesday - a nice wet morning followed by "the heat". I drove to work in the rain...

Patak Road, Karon

And arrived in the rain. Scuba Diving? Damn, I needed dive gear to cross the road that morning! Of course, it was all sunny later on.

Scuba Diving anyone?

The last 2 days have been very hot. I should buy a thermometer for the garden so I can tell you how hot. Anyway, really hot. Yesterday was a sweaty day, starting with my morning run and ending with a nice little BBQ for my wifes birthday. A cold beer goes down very well after a hot day in Phuket.

And must take a nice sunny photo tomorrow! Weather is pretty darn good here right now, just those brief rains in the heat of the day. BUT... is the season changing? Windguru seems to be predicting quite strong west winds next week, which is a sure sign of change... Stay tuned.

And now, as it's April and a little rain is falling... I thought of a suitable song:

Nearly end of the High Season?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on April 19, 2009

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