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Blue Skies Red Flags

See, just as I said yesterday, today is much nicer, indeed there has been but a sprinkle of drizzle and the afternoon has been largely sunny. A bit of bad weather in the summer is to be expected, but DON'T PANIC - the bad days normally only last 2 - 3 days maximum. This was really the first big band of SW Monsoon rain that we have had, expect more in the coming months!

Still windy. I would not advise swimming off Karon beach right now. Red flags are flying and I saw more flags being put up this morning. Seas were still rough this morning and we had a dive trip cancelled again today just like yesterday. Looks much better for the next few days, winds have died down... but now we have really started the summer / low season I won't stick my neck out too far and actually predict the weather! If you're coming soon, you are likely to get a mixed bag.

A couple of photos from this morning at Karon Beach, Phuket:

Red Flag at Karon Beach, 17th June

Karon Beach Chairs, 17th June

Blue Skies Red Flags  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on June 17, 2009

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