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Getting Better All The Time

Seems like quite a few days since an update here.. Blame it on the weather and my poor health. I've NOT has swine flu but have had one of those colds that sneakily moves around from sinuses to chest to head to throat. Nothing too debilitating, but I had a week of no beers, lots of tea and Tiffy, early nights.. except I did stay up a bit late watching the Ashes. The weather towards the end of last week was unspectacular. No heavy rain, but not much sun on Thursday and Friday. Nothing to spoil your day, but nevertheless rather grey and unfriendly. There was sporadic rain on Thursday, none that I recall on Friday, but the wind was quite strong. We had a couple of seasick customers who were out on dive trips on Thursday.

The weather slowly improved from Thursday to Saturday and so did I! Saturday morning was bright and sunny, some cloud, but a very nice morning for the Phuket Photo Walk, part of a worldwide photo walk in 900 towns and cities. A very enjoyable morning. I'll write more about the walk on Jamie's Phuket next week. With reference to this blog, the important fact is that the weather was good. I ended up with about 40 photos that are not bad... a taster...

Waiting for the bus in Phuket Town Street Vendor in Phuket Town

Door in old Phuket Town Catholic Church in Phuket Town

Some more photos now on my Flickr page... I had forgotten about Flickr, had not uploaded any photos for more than 2 years until yesterday!

Oh, today (Sunday) was a very nice sunny day. And even better, England are going to win the 2nd Ashes test! See you next week...

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on July 19, 2009

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