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More sunny days

Sure is warm! And it's "only" February - normally March and April are the hottest months. Damn, we might have to get that aircon installed in the living room :) I have seen the first mentions of possible water shortages due to the total lack of rain - Phuket Gazette reports here and here. It's not that uncommon.. 2004 and 2005 were very dry also. There is still talk of piping water to Phuket from the huge Rachaprapha reservoir in Phang Nga to cover the dry times. The main reservoir in Phuket (Bang Wad) looks OK - I remember it looking almost empty in 2005... found a photo from the Phuket Gazette here. your average tourist does not think too much about water - but development in Phuket of hotels, houses, businesses etc.. puts a lot of strain on the water supply. No drought here, but for sure the local government needs to address the problem.

It seems that the breezy easterly winds are dying down now - which will make it feel hotter, but makes for very nice days out on the water diving or cruising. Not sailing, though. The swish of the bow through mirror-calm water.... ah yes, I think I better get out and do some diving in the next 2 months now that the weather is perfect for it.

Yesterday, another beauty. Since I have only 1 day off during the week, some Saturdays are lazy, others we go out and explore. Next weekend it's penciled in for a boat trip around Phang Nga Bay. This Saturday - half a plan to head to Phuket Town to see what was going on - it's the Old Town Festival - but you know, it was just so darn hot, and after I had done some household tasks like cutting the grass, cleaning the car, fixing dodgy wiring, I just felt like some beach time. And so we headed to our favourite place, The Beach Bar at Cape Panwa. Kids playing in the sand, mum and dad relaxing. Great sunset...

Sunset, 20 February

On the way we stopped at Khao Kad viewpoint, I wanted to get some new photos to update the blog (will be updated sometime this week). Some very nice views from the hilltop...

View from Khao Kad viewpoint

And I pulled out my 300m lens when an eagle drifted around the hill...

Forecast: more of the same and I need a cold beer.

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on February 21, 2010

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