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Welcome to dry season in Phuket

January and February are on average the driest months in Phuket, but after having the wettest December for over 10 years, you never know what's going to happen! There has been flooding again this week in the south of Thailand in Narathiwat province on the border with Malaysia, but here in Phuket the only rain I have measured was last night (Sunday night) when we had rumbles of thunder and a nice watering for the garden. Before that we had 8 dry days in a row.

It's not been "perfect" weather though. Last week was a bit windy and I know at least one dive trip was cancelled due to rough seas. It has all calmed down now, but the last couple of days have been hazy, not so much blue sky. I have hardly noticed. The first week of January is always busy, and the weather is certainly good for diving. At Sunrise Divers we have been busy with liveaboards to the Similan Islands, PADI dive courses and local day trips. And it has to be busy now, as early season was too quiet! If you want to dive, come to see me at Sunrise Divers :)

Saturday, when I had a day off, was Childrens Day in Thailand. All over Phuket there were kids parties, organised events, free admission to attractions. I had read in the Phuket Gazette that the Phuket Mining Museum was having a free entry day, and is now apparently 100% open for visitors, so we went to check it out. I had been with the kids a year ago, but it had been closed since then as work continued. Looks like a bit more work is needed still, but we enjoyed the visit again and I will do an updated blog entry on Jamie's Phuket soon.

Phuket Mining Museum

As you can see, weather was nice enough on Saturday.. We decided to try a different restaurant for lunch. Well, I decided, as I want to try some new places for the Phuket Blog. We have been to Bang Pae Waterfall many times, and have a few favourite restaurants in the area already. We had seen a place called Peang Prai just at the entrance to the falls. The restaurant has been there for years actually, but Saturday was the first time we tried it, and we'll probably try it again :)

Tomorrow is January 11th, an important day for us. 6 years ago we prepared for the birth of our son, just 2 weeks after the Boxing Day Tsunami. Happy Birthday, son. The son is shining. A song for him. He likes Bob Marley.

Welcome to dry season in Phuket  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on January 10, 2011

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