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High Season Weather

This evening (12th December) is just how I like it. If you live here, you can notice the changing seasons. This is the "winter" although of course we don't get snow, or frost .. temperatures in the night can drop to a chilly 22 degrees C, although more often about 24 - 25. Combined with the northeast wind, the night can feel cool, no need for aircon. And early morning, the air does have a certain crispness. It's less humid than normal, as the northeast wind is fairly dry. So the hot days don't feel so hot, and the nights are cooler. A great time to be in Phuket :)

The stupid online forecasts are still saying "chance of a thunderstorm", but that chance gets less as we move from December to January. The 3 "winter" months (December, January and February) are the driest months (see Phuket Rain Averages). So it's no surprise that this is high season! Have been busy in the dive shop, and somehow more than a week has slipped by since the last Phuket weather blog entry, sorry ' bout that!

Not been out and about with the camera either. Last couple of weekends have been very much easy family days, parties at friends house, or parties at our house! Not really been anywhere much. It's that time of year - 6 days a week in the dive shop, next holiday will be end of April! Anyone who wants to dive or try diving, contact me at Sunrise Divers!

Writing a decent blog entry takes a bit of time and concentration. BUT, if there is nothing new on this page, try following me on Twitter or join/like the "Jamie's Phuket" Facebook Page which tends to get something added (almost) daily.

Today I "tweeted" this photo:

Karon Beach 12 December 2011

I took a little walk along Karon Beach. It was very busy! Sun worshippers everywhere, the beach masseurs were busy, the sky was blue and the sea was blue too. Easy to see why many Phuket tourists don't do much more than sunbathe, drink beer, eat Tom Yum and maybe take a tour or two. We're all different, but I can't do "nothing" for more than a day. Phuket has so much more than beaches, part of the reason why I started the Jamie's Phuket blog more than 5 years ago!

I took another picture at Karon Beach today. Not sure why a sign like this is needed.

Where is the beach?

There has been a little rain in the last 10 days, but very little. Heaviest was last night, a sudden shower with strong winds around our house near Phuket Town, no problem except we were trying to have a BBQ at the time! Only lasted 20 minutes. And then the air was much fresher.

My favourite photo from the last week....

Sunset, Bon Island, Phuket

Photo taken by Dawn at the Bon Island Restaurant on Saturday.

Have a good week! I can pretty much be sure we'll have one here in Phuket!

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on December 12, 2011

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