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Live Phuket Webcam - Karon Beach

Want to know what the weather is like in Phuket right now? Forecast sites are all very well, but forecasts are little more than an educated guess. On the left side of this blog you can find all kinds of Phuket weather forecasts, and links to satellite pictures, weather radars, wind and wave forecasts, even tide tables and sunrise and sunset times... Combine this with the reports of previous months weather on this blog and you can have a pretty good guess at what the weather is like, or will be like. But what's the weather doing right now? Try the live Phuket webcam - it's located at the Marina Phuket Resort right at the south end of Karon Beach. It normally points down onto the beach or to the north looking along the beach. Sometimes looks more to the west (out to sea).

This webcam may not work on iPhones, but you can look at the Patong Beach Phuket Webcam.

Karon Beach Information

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So at least now you know what the weather is like right now at Karon Beach - do note that weather can be very localised in Phuket due to the hilly terrain (hills rise up over 1700 feet in Phuket), so if you see rain in Karon it can easily be sunny in Phuket Town just 15km away.

Original Webcam at Marina Phuket Resort

Image for linking (not the current image):

Karon Beach Webcam Phuket

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Live Phuket Webcam - Karon Beach  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on January 11, 2008

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Blogger christine :

I am really enjoying your site. My Husband and I are coming to Karon in March for a holiday from England. Its our first time in Thailand, cant wait

January 31, 2008  

Anonymous Anonymous :

I added your site to my favourits.
It is really very good, I visit it several times a week.
We came already a few times to Thailand and also to Phuket and Khao Lak. This year again we come to Khao Lak at Christmas time. We adore this country and especially the climate and the nice adorable Thai people. We live in Europe and when taking holidays at Christmas we have to fly to Asia to have real good weather.
Go on with your site !!!

July 07, 2008  

Anonymous Charles :

Really good site with lots of useful links. Check the Karon beach webcam every day. Today (23rd July) it's raining! Hope the weather is better when we arrive on 4th August.

July 24, 2008  

Anonymous bertil :

lets see the beach again

January 13, 2009  

Anonymous Anonymous :

I love the blogs however there are to many clients with the live webcam so i cannot see in 5 days time me, my husband and my 2 children are staying in patong in a hotel called Safari Beach Hotel.

March 29, 2009  

Anonymous Jason Gargan :

I have you your webcam page at Karon on my favourites bar. Visiting in April. Great site!

February 19, 2010  

Blogger Early Bird :

Hi Jamie
Your blog is great... have been following it since we booked holiday in Rawai area. We are heading out from Ireland on 5th June and can't wait.

May 29, 2010  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Your blog is really helpfull, 3 days after I will be in thailand. I wish the weather will be nice in phuket and koh samui.

November 09, 2010  

Blogger Peter :

Coming to Karon Beach (Hotel Hilton, Lotus Building) in early Feb. Any small stores (Seven Eleven etc) in walking distance where you can get water, wine, beer? Hotel charges too much for such items. Great website.

January 19, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Peter,

Nearest little shop is the "Green Mart" - come out of Hilton onto the beach road, turn left, walk about 400m past the Thavorn Palm Beach resort - Green Mart on the corner of the street that heads away from the beach - and if you walk up to the end of that road, turn left onto the back road, there is a 7-11, and several small stores, as well as lots of food stalls selling fruit, chicken, drinks, pancakes, Phad Thai sometimes, corn, somtam ...


January 19, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

I am watching your site intently, as I am going to be in Phuket the third week of April and I hear that Phuket is being hit hard with rain and flooding?

March 30, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Latest weather - go to the home page of this blog - Phuket Weather... if you are coming 3 weeks from now, why worry about what the weather is doing now? Anyway, there was no flooding in Phuket, but there certainly was in some other parts of the country.

March 30, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie, we are due to leave South Africa for Phuket on Sunday but there is talk our trip might be cancelled due to bad weather. How's things there today?

March 31, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Today - (March 31st 2011) - partly sunny, hardly any wind, no rain, nice day and forecast is good. No reason to avoid Phuket. No floods, nothing happened here.

March 31, 2011  

Anonymous Matt from Melbourne :

Hi Jamie. Love your blog. We're coming Saturday next week to Kata (16th April). Been many times before but only scored one Songkran - we'll be right at the end of it on the 16th - will it still be going? Weather's always a coin toss but hoping we come up heads. Keep up the good work!

April 05, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Sorry, Songkran in Phuket is only 1 day, 13th April. Weather on Songkran is almost always hot, I mean, it's at that time of year for a reason :)

Some Songkran photos I took in 2009 ....

Songkran at Patong Beach 2009

April 05, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Songkran on Phuket is at least 4 days of throwing and shooting large quantities of icy water at each other, and by the way, this is not a traditional aspect of Song Kran, and therefore this is not the reason that it is held when the heat reaches unbearable heights.

Water's supposed to be gently poured over each others shoulders and or head in small quantities, and over Buddha sculptures in temples and so on. The current festival's activities therefore have little to do with the real meaning of Song Kran.

April 06, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Anonymous, sorry you are wrong, Songkran water throwing activities last ONE DAY only in Phuket, has been that way and quite strictly enforced by the police for safety reasons for quite a number of years. What I mean is - no surprise that the water throwing is very popular since it is the hottest time of year.

Of course Songkran is an old traditional festival which is actually meant to mark the traditional near year and change of seasons, and if you go to a temple on the 13th you will see this. A couple of years ago we went to a turtle release ceremony at Mai Khao Beach on April 13th - see Songkran 2007 in Phuket. And my post in 2006 shows us at a local temple as well as some water throwing photos. The traditional aspect is still very much there.

April 06, 2011  

Anonymous Juliet from England :

Love reading your blog and people's comments. We arrive in Kata on 11th April in time for Songkran, we had the best time last year so bringing the kids to experience it this year. We have always visited Phuket in Oct/ Nov time but last year in April and the weather was so hot,it was fantastic. Hopefully the same again this year. I give up looking at the weather forcast as you would proberly never go to Phuket going by the forcast! it is never a true picture just visit Jamie's weather blog. See you soon

April 07, 2011  

Anonymous Timothy :

Tim, Greeting interesting program here will be arriving Karon first week in August how does one 'do' deep sea fishing , is this a good time of year shall the fish if caught be retained to enjoy or use ' catch and release'? may good luck follow and surround your person!

July 12, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Timothy,

Well, I don't know anything about deep sea fishing, sorry! I believe they mostly do catch and release. I do know you can book fishing trips via the Easy Day Thailand tour agency.

July 12, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie! I fly to Phuket tonight from Melbourne. Hoping the weather will be kind when I am there. Weather websites suggest it is raining and wet. Is that true?
Thanks :-)

July 29, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

I guess you will find out before you see this reply! It's typical low season weather at the moment, some sun, some cloud, some rain, but nothing to ruin your holiday.

July 29, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi, I am flying over to Phuket on 12 November 2011 and was wondering what the weather is like that time of year. When we first looked at booking it said rainy season is September to October but was wondering if it is still rainy in November.

Do you also know any good tour guides to take us to maya beach and stay the night on Phi Phi Island.

Also what is the nightlife like in Phuket/Patong, will it be busy in November?

August 01, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Sure you can get rain in November, it's not the driest month of the year, in fact, on average there are 5 months drier than November (being December, January, February, March and April) - BUT what rain comes in November is normally evening thunderstorms, no sustained rainy periods, and by November the wind has switched to the east so all the beaches are calm.

Patong is always busy!

Tours - ask Easy Day Thailand :)

August 01, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Thanks for the feedback.

Are there any special festivals, moon partys, markets, entertainment that will be taking place between 12 Nov - 25 Nov. We will be hiring motorbikes so can travel outside the area of karon beach but not sure where to begin really.

August 17, 2011  

Blogger lyderem :

Hi there,
I am planning to come to Khao Lak at the end of October can you please let me know on average what is the weather like. Would I be better to come at the end of April?
Cheers Lynn

September 20, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

End of October is the end of the low season, but weather is normally quite settled, winds probably already blowing from the northeast. End of April - end of high season, and can be either really hot or hot and wet.. or if you are unlucky, low season southwest winds can start a bit early. Really between the two I think I would choose end of October.

September 20, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Enjoying phuket. weather is not great. heavy rainfall at this moment. some thunder storms expected..but this will not dampen our honeymoon
Gordon and Maaike

October 04, 2011  

Anonymous renee :

love the fact that there's such a site! flying in tomorrow! can't wait for sun and fun! how's the weather looking atm?

December 18, 2011  

Anonymous Weather Guy :

Loving the fact that you are looking at a live webcam and asking what the weather is like... it's a LIVE webcam ...

December 18, 2011  

Blogger Deepee234 :

Hi Jamie,
I have been looking at your webcam images for the last few days because I am coming to Thailand for three weeks. Have been Kata before and enjoyed the experience. Has the weather been wetter than normal for this time of year.Deepee

January 07, 2012  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Weather the last few days is hot and sunny here in Phuket. There was some rain on January 1st/2nd, but not much. January is normally pretty dry.

January 07, 2012  

Blogger cheka :

hi there,
we were in karon from beginig of the february and we stayed 2 weeks.i think i ve clicked this webpage more than 40 times within 2 weeks just too see karon beach s sunrise in live..and now, damn i l do anything to be there right now..see you phuket in january 2013 :/

March 05, 2012  

Anonymous Richard L :

Jamie, thanks, good live site for weather checks! We'll be in Phuket in May, staying variously, from Bali (that's on the other latitude 8). Enjoy your main blog too and follow you on Twitter from @scratchings.


Richard L


April 12, 2012  

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