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What is the weather like in Phuket right now?

When I started this Phuket weather blog in 2006 I had more time for (almost) daily updates, which later became monthly updates and by 2016, almost no updates, sorry! My main blog - Jamie's Phuket Blog kept going, and the weather was often mentioned on Twitter. But in mid-2019 I left Phuket - our family has moved to the UK. So although I do reTweet other people's Phuket news and photos, there are no updates from me. To get a very good idea of the latest weather in Phuket, there are plenty of pages on this blog with real-time Phuket weather information.

Phuket Webcams

The best way to check the current weather in Phuket is a live webcam. These come and go. Right now you can find a couple of good ones at Patong and Karon beaches on the west coast of Phuket. With a webcam you can see exactly what the weather is doing in Phuket!

Karon Beach Webcam
Patong Beach Webcam

Phuket Weather Tools

Phuket Weather Radar

Accuweather Weather Forecast

Windguru Wind and Wave Forecast for Phuket

More Phuket Weather Forecasts

And for plenty more Phuket information - Jamie's Phuket Blog is the place to go!

Phuket Weather

What is the weather like in Phuket right now?

Phuket Weather Forecasts

I lived in Phuket from 1999 to 2019 and started this weather blog in 2006 so I think I can say that I know the weather in Phuket. And ... it's unpredictable. Phuket weather is not as simple as "wet" / "dry" or "low season" / "high season". Yes, on average you get less rain from November to April compared to May to October, but this does not mean you'll get NO rain in December, and it does not mean you'll get ALL rain in July. There are rainy days in high season, and there are beautiful sunny days in low season. You can visit in August and have a week of sunshine, or you can be unlucky and get mostly wet, windy weather. The weather can be a bit random sometimes. And most of the weather forecasts online are, in my opinion, a bit useless.

What websites have good weather forecasts for Phuket? The sites I use most are Windguru, and Accuweather.

Windguru is more of a wind and wave forecast site, though it does have estimated rainfall. I have used this site for years - very useful for planning dive trips - on a boat trip we don't care too much about rain, but we do care about strong winds and high waves! is a lovely site to play with, it shows a map which you can zoom in and out of, you can switch from wind forecast to wave forecast to rain forecast, it's great.

Accuweather, of all the big weather forecast sites, I find to be most accurate. It shows daily and hourly forecasts with % chances of rain.

One issue with Phuket weather forecasts is that the weather here is often very localised. It might be raining in one part of Phuket, sunny in another. Thunderstorms and showers can last just a short time, so an otherwise dry day is marked as "rainy". You may see little weather symbols which indicate rain, but please .. this does not mean it will rain all day all over Phuket. We do sometimes get heavy weather with a few days of rain over a large area in low season, but that is not so common. Weather here in Phuket in low/wet season is very changeable and normally very localised.

Other forecast tools ...

The Phuket weather (rain) radar is useful to see what is on the way soon! You can see rain coming in, it's good to estimate how wet or dry the next few hours may be, good for short term planning.

A weather satellite is also good for looking at incoming weather.

There are lots of weather forecasts on the web for Phuket. By all means do have a look but they do tend to be inaccurate and don't take into account localised weather. Often in low season, some of these sites are just set on "Chance of Rain" or "Chance of Thunderstorm" every day! And that's a load of crap. You can check the Phuket forecast at, Yahoo, BBC, or the Thai Meteorological Department.

Phuket Weather

Phuket Weather Forecasts

Patong Beach Phuket Webcam

There has been a Karon Beach webcam on the blog for a long time, and there was a live Patong Beach webcam, with thanks to my friend Wes who set up a webcam company (Sawadee Cam). Click on the link or photo below to get to the Sawadee Cam website (opens in a new window).

For hotels in Patong beach, check my list of Patong Beach Hotel Recommendations on the Phuket Blog, or check for a full list of Patong Beach Hotels at - you can book Phuket hotels online with

Patong Beach

The image above is a screenshot - click on the image to get to the live webcam looking out to the west over Patong Bay from the 15th floor of the Patong Tower in the middle of Patong. So there's always a good view! You can see a bit of the beach and across the bay. You can also find daily timelapse videos from this Phuket webcam on YouTube - see Sawadee Cam on YouTube. Good for checking the latest Phuket weather!

Phuket Weather

Patong Beach Phuket Webcam

Bangkok Weather Radar (Rain Radar)

Bangkok is about 700km north of Phuket (more like 850 by road). Weather that far away is quite different to Phuket, although still generally hot and humid much of the time. The TMD website has several different Bangkok radar images. Since many visitors to Phuket will be likely to pass through Bangkok, you should know what the weather is like there!

Thai Meteorological Department Bangkok Weather Radar Loop - images updated every 5 minutes

Note that the time shown at the bottom of the image is Thai Local Time.

Original source : TMD

Southern Thailand Weather radar on the Weather Blog :

Phuket Weather Radar
Krabi Weather Radar
Surat Thani Weather Radar

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Bangkok Traffic

(above) Bangkok Traffic - photo taken July 2017

Phuket Weather

Bangkok Weather Radar (Rain Radar)