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How to deal with rip currents at the beach

OK, so it's low season now. No weather report on this blog post, I want to share a video about rip currents. Every year, there are drownings at Phuket beaches, especially in low season when there are often big waves which can lead to rip currents. The video below talks about rip currents in relation to Australian beaches, but rip currents are the same wherever you are. One thing I noticed in the video - on Aussie beaches, flags are placed on the beaches to mark the safe swimming area. Here in Phuket, when you see red flags on the beaches it means you should not swim. In general, I think if you see big waves, don't swim in the sea. Be safe!

The guy doing this video will be doing a rip current demo at Karon Beach, Thursday June 26th 2014 at 2pm in front of the football stadium (south end of Karon). Hopefully I'll find time to go have a look :)

How to deal with rip currents at the beach  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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