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Phuket Weather Radar (Rain Radar)

The Phuket weather radar / rain radar (from the Thai Meteorological Department website) - updated every 15 minutes - good for spotting rain and storms in the vicinity of Phuket. The image also shows Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phang Nga Bay, Khao Lak and the Similan Islands - so a very useful tool for weather spotting in the wider Phuket region.

Thai Meteorological Department Phuket Weather Radar Loop - images updated every 15 minutes

Note that the time shown is UTC (Thai time is UTC + 7 hours)

Note : The Thai Meteorological Department Phuket Radar is occasionally offline. If it's not working, I suggest checking the Surat Thani Weather Radar (Surat Thani is east of Phuket and you can see Phuket and a wide surrounding area on the radar).

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Original radar source : TMD

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