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Want to know what the weather is like in Phuket right now? Forecast sites are all very well, but forecasts are little more than an educated guess. On the left side of this blog you can find all kinds of Phuket weather forecasts, and links to satellite pictures, weather radars, wind and wave forecasts, even tide tables and sunrise and sunset times... Combine this with the reports of previous months weather on this blog and you can have a pretty good guess at what the weather is like, or will be like. But what's the weather doing right now? Try this live Phuket webcam - it's located at the Marina Phuket Resort right at the south end of Karon Beach. It normally points down onto the beach or to the north looking along the beach.

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Karon Beach Webcam

Note that weather can be very localised in Phuket due to the hilly terrain (hills rise up over 1700 feet in Phuket), so if you see rain in Karon it can easily be sunny in Phuket Town just 20km away.

Original of this webcam on Marina Phuket website
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Live Phuket Webcam - Karon Beach  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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