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Air quality very much in the news right now. Bangkok is very smoggy lately, partly due to local emissions (especially traffic) and partly due to burning of fields to the east. Local authorities trying all kind of nonsense like spraying water off tall buildings and deploying water spraying drones. It might cut the haze a little, but the root problem is pollution. Traffic in Bangkok is nuts. I last had a day there in 2017 and really, maybe Bangkok is fun for some people, but too busy for me. So much traffic, and that means a lot of emissions.

Bangkok Traffic

(above) Bangkok traffic, July 2017

It's all over the news right now, with schools closing this week so kids don't have to go outside, and many people I follow on Twitter are talking about the air. If I was in Bangkok right now, I'd be asking for a few days holiday somewhere withe cleaner air! Suggest following Richard Barrow on Twitter, he has a lot of news and updates.

A great web link to use for air quality is the AirVisual website ...

Bangkok Air Quality

and compare to

Phuket Air Quality

or for reference ...

London Air Quality

And see where Bangkok ranks ..

World Air Quality Rankings

So here in Phuket, air is much clearer even if I do complain about traffic some days, it's nothing compared to Bangkok. It has been a bit hazy recently, and that may be due to another factor in the Bangkok haze - burning of fields in the east of Thailand and also in Cambodia, all to the northeast of Phuket and with a NE wind blowing we can get a hazy sky due to this burning.

A couple of nice little widgets from the Airvisual website ...

Phuket Air Quality :

compare to Bangkok Air Quality :

Chiang Mai is sometimes even worse :

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