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Thailand Webcams


I find webcams a great way to quickly compare weather in different areas of Thailand. It's not always that easy to find a webcam on the internet. If you search Google you get all kinds of results, but often leading to webcams that are no longer operating... I have found quite a few good Thai webcams from various locations. If you know of any more, please do leave a comment and let me know.

Webcams come and webcams go - if you see one, let me know!

Phuket Webcams

Patong Beach - Looking over Patong Bay.

Patong Beach Webcam

Karon Beach - the Marina resort webcam looks over the South end of of Karon Beach.

Phuket Webcam at Karon Beach

Webcam at Twin Palms resort, Surin Beach Phuket:

Twin Palms Surin Beach Webcam Phuket

Koh Yao Noi Webcam:

Webcam at Koh Yao Island Resort

Khao Lak Webcam

Found one - not a great view but does give an idea of the weather : Khao Lak Webcam

Koh Samui Webcams - There's lots of debate about the weather - is it better in the Gulf of Thailand? Have a look!

Lamai Beach
Chaweng Beach

Hua Hin Webcam - I found this one at an Italian restaurant..

Hua Hin Webcam

Pattaya Webcam - on Soi LK Metro

Pattaya Webcam

Bangkok Webcams

I had a couple of links but they no longer work. Anyone know a good Bangkok webcam?

Please let me know more! There must be more - add comments below.

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on May 16, 2008


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Anonymous Izzy :

Hi Jamie,

I check out your website everyday especially your weather blogs.
Thanks for the tips on the webcams. I check the Marina web cam all the time and noticed it has been down for a couple of week. However i went back into my internet history and clicked on past websites and it works now.. the only thing wrong is the time and date, but at least i can still see what it's like in Phuket. Only 3 weeks till we are there.. i hope the weather is nice!


May 17, 2008  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie
I love your blog!
We're arriving in Phuket on Monday 19th May and I've become addicted to watching the webcam from Marina Phuket Resort in Karon which you state has disappeared. Here's the link I've been viewing from:

I hope this helps...
Trish (Sydney)

May 17, 2008  

Blogger ozmouse :

and im thinking the marinaweb cam is frozen in time again.

and the phuket plaza webcam is back on line.

May 26, 2008  

Blogger Jamie Monk :

Hi ozmouse,

The Marina webcam at Karon seems just fine to me. Dark clouds over the hills...

The "webcam" at the Phuket Plaza website is a photo and it has never changed as long as I can remember.

May 26, 2008  

Blogger Tai :

Like you said it is not easy to find webcams in Thailand. I tried and found these:

August 31, 2008  

Anonymous Ron :

Hi Jamie, I think these will be a great addition to your site, if you already haven't found them.

November 15, 2012  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Thanks, Ron! Will add to the list....

November 15, 2012  

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