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Phuket Weather is like a Box of Chocolates

At this time of year in Phuket, you should be quite certain that the weather will be either hot or REALLY hot. Tourists who are not used to the heat take to hanging around in 7-11, taking 20 minutes to choose what drink to buy. The 7-11 chain is well known for refrigerating the entire shop. Must be very environmentally unfriendly. Support your local corner store!

But the last few days has been just like Forrest Gumps box of chocolates. I wish I could say with certainty what tomorrow will bring, but over the last few days we have had probably the wettest and I would say one of the most perfect days of the year. It should be dry in March, but .. well I guess we can blame George W Bush, probably his fault.

Tuesday was W.E.T. Spells WET. A lot of rain, most unusual for the time of year. A little view of the restaurant outside our shop...

Meanwhile, my wife was on the road and stopped at the Ratchaprapha Reservoir which is part of Khao Sok National Park. Dark clouds all around....

And then Wednesday was sunny all day, blue skies, perfect day, feed animals in the zoo, drink sangria in the park... except I was at work all day and did not get any time to take a photo of the nice weather. So, you'll have to take Lou's word for it.

Today has seen some light rain, but largely very warm and humid. Hardly any wind, great weather for diving - calm seas and sunshine. I passed by Chalong Temple on the way to work...

Chalong Temple 26th March

Forecast: Undecided... Coffee Cream or the special Caramel with a Brazil Nut... actually, according to what I have just read on the web, the Coffee Cream is no longer a part of either Cadbury's Roses or Nestle Quality Street. I guess the Coffee Cream was just the butt of too many jokes. So, therefore the weather in Phuket tomorrow cannot be the Coffee Cream.. maybe the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut with caramel (the 'Purple One') - see Quality Street. :)

Phuket Weather is like a Box of Chocolates  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on March 26, 2009

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