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The ever changing sky

Now, I am not a professional meteorologist, not a weather nerd who records daily highs, rainfall and wind speed, but you have to agree that the sky is brilliant. The sky is always changing. Clouds are wonderful - I see a rabbit, I see a dragon, I see a train. I see the rain coming.

Seems like every day this week in Phuket has had the same weather. Clear mornings, clouds building and a brief thunderstorm or shower in the afternoon. Nothing new there. This is tropical living, this is tropical weather - look at all the trees, all the green - that's because we do get some rain here! Anyway, thankfully it has been a busy week in dive land, the days have flown by, divers have been happy divers, and tomorrow is Saturday already, my precious day off!

As I write, the rain is falling (10:30pm) - no rain all day until now.

Yesterdays sky... I had a little idea to "blog" the sky. Might try this again...

Sky at 10am...

Sky at 11am...

Sky at half past eleven...

Sky at about 2:30pm...

Yesterday the rain continued longer than normal. All afternoon, really. Today made up for it. No rain all day until the night time. Bad news if you are down at Patong Beach where Carabao are doing a concert for Phuket Bike Week. I fancy a look at the entertainment tomorrow when Job 2 Do are playing - a Thai reggae band. So I pray for a dry night! Today I headed to the JungCeylon mall in Patong for a look at some bikes... Will (maybe) blog something about bike week soon.

Looking forward to Saturday. Rain all you want tonight, I want a nice Saturday!

The ever changing sky  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on April 10, 2009

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