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Viva el sol!

Yes, the sun has got his hat on again. The weather did a huge about turn after being kind of wet and windy last week. By Monday the winds had eased, the waves at the beaches were much smaller and it's been sunny all week (except in the night time).

I took a little walk at Kata Beach on Tuesday evening around quarter past 5. Actually looked surprisingly busy with people getting the last dose of afternoon sun. When I take a walk on the beach after work and see tourists sunning themselves, playing with their kids, jogging along the sand, walking hand in hand it gives me a sense of happiness, because everyone around is happy. It also makes me wish I was on permanent holiday. Sure, I do live here, but have less time to enjoy Phuket than I'd like. Don't be thinking this is a dream life. Work, driving to work, dropping kids at school, bills to pay, mortgage, loans, school bills. It's like a "normal" life. But in Phuket :)

This photo from Kata Beach on Tuesday, first posted on my Twitpic page:

Kata Beach, 11th August

See, yesterday was Mothers Day, the birthday of HM Queen Sirikit. Happy Birthday Ma'am. It's a public holiday so my kids had the day off. Having discovered a place to go kayaking a couple of weeks ago, my wife and the kids went again with some friends. Hey! No fair! I wanna go too! But we don't close the dive shop on public holidays. Did manage a swim/splash about with the kids later at the pool near our house. Well, I try to swim, but the kids tend to attach themselves like barnacles. Doing a 25 meter length with a big 8 year old girl hanging on my back is good exercise!

More sun today. Roll on Saturday. Please stay sunny.

Meanwhile that Typhoon Morakot has been very nasty indeed, dumping huge rainfall on Taiwan and eastern China. If you want to track tropical storms all over the globe, I like the Tropical Storm Risk website - you can sign up for storm updates by email (I have).

Meanwhile, here in Phuket.. Sun is shining, weather is sweet.

Viva el sol!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on August 13, 2009

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