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November Heat

I am sure I say this every year, but the weather is odd. Strange. Not the same as it used to be. It's November but the last few days have felt like the hottest of the year, like it normally feels like in April. Just a couple of inches of rain in the last 10 days, and that has fallen in quick showers. After one of these hot days, a 30 minute thundershower is most welcome. In summary, the last 10 days since the last weather blog update has been HOT and mostly very sunny. Ignore any forecasts that say "rain, rain, rain". Sure you might get some rain, this is a tropical environment, but it'll still be hot!

A few recent photos ....

Cape Panwa Phuket View

Saturday 10th November, one of my favourite parts of Phuket - the west side of Cape Panwa, with great views across Chalong Bay. There's a viewpoint on the hill here (Khao Kad Viewpoint) and one of our favourite hangouts - The Beach Bar, right on the beach.

Beach at Cape Panwa Phuket

(above) Beach at Cape Panwa

Last week I was on "late shift" at Sunrise Divers, with a 10am start and some time for useful activity in the morning. Had a couple of morning walks at Bang Wad Reservoir and a walk in Phuket Town. Along Thalang Road in the heart of the old town there are lots of old businesses, many run by Chinese-Thai families and many that have been there since the turn of the 20th century. Lots of history here. Below a slideshow of photos taken on 13th November ...

But mostly it's been work, work work! Until Friday evening when our kids played live music in Queen Sirikit park in Phuket Town, then wolfed down large plates of spaghetti at Route 68 (while Dad enjoyed a couple of cold beers). And then a day off on Saturday, when perhaps unsurprisingly we ended up back at The Beach Bar.

Pee - Beach Bar owner

(above) Pee - owner of The Beach Bar

Beach Bar at Cape Panwa

(above) At The Beach Bar, 17th November.

Good times in Phuket! I do like hot weather, though when you hear locals complaining about the heat, then you know it's a bit too hot. November should be a bit cooler, with a northeast breeze which is not really blowing yet.

Coming to Phuket - got a young family? I just did a new post on Jamie's Phuket, check out the Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket.

If you're heading to Phuket soon .. looks like sun*.

*no guarantee.

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This Phuket Weather blog entry was first published on November 18, 2012


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Anonymous Gaztop :

Good pics Jamie from Cape Panwa.The views across the bay are definitely worth a visit.

November 19, 2012  

Anonymous Terje :

Hi Jamie,

We're going to Khao Lak shortly, and we keep reading the weather forecasts, (which look rather grim really!). And your comment, Ignore any forecasts that say "rain, rain, rain" relaxed us quite a bit. So thank you for that!

I'm guessing the weather in Khao Lak is not that different from in Phuket, except for the usual local differences?

November 19, 2012  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

It's HIGH season, the sea is nice and calm, it's HOT every day, and there's a CHANCE of a thunderstorm somewhere every day, because it's hot tropical weather. Khao Lak and Phuket - similar, but on average Khao Lak gets a little more rain.

November 19, 2012  

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