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Loy Kratong Weather - 24th November

Gorgeous day. Best day of the year. Perfect Day. After essential shopping we spent the afternoon at The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa. it's been closed since about February, but just reopened. One of our favourite places. We sat there on the beach until sunset and kind of wished we'd brought our Kratongs with us to float on the sea. Maybe next year...

View along the beach from The Beach Bar

Longtail at Cape Panwa near The Beach Bar

After dark we headed for Bang Wad Reservoir to float our Kratongs, for Saturday was Loy Kratong - one of Thailand's many festivals. Kratongs made from banana plants, flowers and with burning incense and candles on top are set afloat on the water to give thanks to the goddess of the water. Read more here: Making Our Kratong. Skies were clear, the moon was full and we set our kratong afloat on the reservoir. More photos of this years Loy Kratong can be found on Jamie's Phuket - see Loy Kratong 2007.

Kratongs set afloat at Bang Wad Reservoir, Phuket

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