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Windguru Forecast for Phuket

Windguru is probably the weather forecast I use most for Phuket. I find that most of the weather websites and news websites have very simple forecasts which for much of the year show a thunderstorm symbol meaning "chance of a thunderstorm". This is normally wrong, but it makes people worried. Sure in a tropical location you do have the chance of a thunderstorm, but that might last 1 hour and only affect a small part of Phuket. Of course there is no perfect forecast. I like Windguru because it shows wind and wave predictions, and since I manage a dive shop, this is more important than rain - you can dive in the rain, but you might want to reconsider in 25 knot winds and 3 meter waves! Windguru also has some rain prediction, I am not sure if that is really accurate, but overall I find Windguru to be pretty good.

Here's a forecast for the next 3 days for Phuket

For a full 1 week prediction, go to the Windguru Website : Phuket Forecast on Windguru

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Windguru Forecast for Phuket

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It's Only The Weather

I'd like to start with a poem about the weather.

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not.
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot.
We'll weather the weather.
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

I started this Phuket Weather Blog in 2006 just after starting the Jamie's Phuket Blog. At one point, the weather blog was getting more visitors than the main Phuket blog, I guess because everyone worries about what the weather will be like on holiday. And I like to tell people "don't worry" .... I get many comments about holidays in the low season with sunny weather, or mostly sunny weather. Phuket is generally a hot tropical environment. There's lots of sun. But look around at all the green hills. That means there has to be rain too! Average yearly rainfall is somewhere around 2500mm or 100 inches. Compare that to a so-called rainy city in England - Manchester gets only about 800mm per year on average. Sounds scary, right? Phuket must be very wet! The thing is most rain falls in sudden downpours / thunderstorms. It's not drizzly English rain. So a sunny day might suddenly get an hour of rain. Does that make it a rainy day? What I am saying is - don't worry too much about the weather in Phuket. We don't get big storms, we don't get typhoons or cyclones. We do get some sh*tty days sometimes, and sometimes you get a few in a row, and if you are here on holiday with a mostly wet week, well, bad luck! You are one of the unlucky ones.

I'm trying to summarise the weather because of course many people ask me about it. Many questions about "what will the weather be like on this or that date?". Answer - I don't know exactly. Probably OK unless you are unlucky. Wettest months on average are October, September and May. But that does not mean it rains all the time and you'll probably have a nice trip in those months anyway. And you might come in December expecting "high season" weather and get 2 days of rain. It does rain in high season although the monthly averages for December, January and February in particular are low.

After 8 years of blogging the weather in Phuket I have no plan to stop this blog although want to spend more time on the Phuket Blog and with a full time job managing Sunrise Divers in high season and my family, something needs to take a break. So - next few months, the weather in Phuket is going to be mostly OK. It's high season now, the southwest winds have stopped, dive trips are going to the Similan islands, there may be more rain to come, but DON'T WORRY!

Want to get updates on the weather, well you can follow me on Twitter (@jamiemonk). I tend to mention the weather most days along with other Phuket news, photos etc.

And right here on this blog there are webcams so you can check the weather NOW.

Best webcam is the one at Karon Beach. There's also one at Patong beach.

And there's the weather radar, good for spotting rain before it gets here.

And you can ask questions about the weather or Phuket in general on my Facebook Page.

But for now, I think updating this blog is one too many things. See you on Twitter, Facebook or in Phuket!

(oh, by the way, today was partly sunny, partly cloudy, warm (some might say hot) and seas are calm)

The Phuket Weather Blog

It's Only The Weather

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September. I'll Remember.

Well, the last update on the Phuket weather blog was on August 24th, one day before my Mother's 70th birthday. Having been in England for 3 weeks already in July and August, I headed back again on the night of August 26th knowing that Mum was not going to be around much longer. This is a weather blog, so I won't dwell on the details, but Mum died on the night of August 28th. Cancer finally got her at the 4th attempt more than 20 years after she was within death's reach when cancer struck the first time. We didn't think she'd live to be 50. But she made 70. That's 20 years of fight. I gotta say I was not paying much attention to the Phuket weather news while I was in England. I heard something about rain and I guess some days were nice too. And while I was "back home" (although I feel very conflicted now about the definition of "home"), the weather was mostly very nice, a little cold for my taste, and some days with English style drizzle, but at least the day of the funeral was a perfect sunny day.

And now if you don't mind, a few photos of my Mum (and Dad) enjoying Thailand. My parents came over here many times. First time in 2002, and the last time in 2013.

Sadly, my Dad will not be coming again either. He was OK last year, but he has had a rapid onset of dementia. And unbelievably, just a few days after Mum passed away, Dad managed to fall over at his care home and break his hip. He's still in the hospital now. Oh, and let's add one more layer - a couple of days before Mum died, an uncle of mine died. And although it was unplanned, his funeral was at the same location with 45 minutes between his and Mum's funeral. So despite the sadness, it was a huge gathering of family and friends. In the sun. In England.

So, I have no weather news from August 27th to September 11th. I got back to Phuket last Thursday night, the runway was wet, but it was not actually raining. Weather was OK on the 12th, but rather wet for most of Saturday 13th. On a wet morning, what do we do? Head to the Central Festival mall! We had lunch there on Sunday, visited the bank and did some light shopping. I then slept half the afternoon catching up with the flight, having been to work all day on Friday. On Saturday evening, the weather looked just about OK for a visit to The Beach Bar at Cape Panwa, just opened after the low season. They normally wait until October and might be wishing they had! We were the only ones eating dinner, although one guy stopped for a beer. There was no sunset for lovely photos and a light rain did start to fall as we were finishing our meal.

(above) At the Beach Bar, 13th September

And the last 2 days have been mostly wet and windy. Really windy at times, knocked over a few trees, like this one I saw in the Phuket Gazette...

Nobody hurt thankfully. My garden is a bit of a mess too. And I know lots of tours like boat trips and diving have been cancelled the last 2 days.

The forecast says that tomorrow will be wet and windy too and then things get better for a while. I doubt this is the end of the low season, it's a bit too early for that. I imagine more wet weather will come during the vegetarian festival which starts on the 23rd.

Next weather blog update will be a little more detailed.

A reminder that you can always see what the weather is like in Phuket by checking these live webcams ...

Karon Beach Webcam
Patong Beach Webcam

Or use any of the links on the left of the page for weather information.

And for photos and regular Phuket news, photos and weather updates, please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

See you in Phuket!

The Phuket Weather Blog

September. I'll Remember.

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August. Die She Must.

Rather a sad title for this Phuket weather update. It's a lyric from the Simon and Garfunkel song 'April Come She Will'. As you may have read on the last update (August 12th), I was in England for 3 weeks from mid July to stay with my Mum who has cancer again. I came back to Phuket on August 6th. I'm going back to England again next week and hoping Mum will still be alive when I get there. Her 70th birthday is tomorrow, August 25th.

I'm going to update the last 12 days weather in reverse order. Next update will be when I get back from England. Not 100% sure when that will be. You can always see what the weather is like in Phuket by checking these webcams ...

Karon Beach Webcam
Patong Beach Webcam

Or use any of the links on the left of the page for weather information.

And for photos and regular Phuket news and weather updates, please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Let's start with today - August 24th. Hot start to the day, I did my morning walk at Bang Wad Reservoir, dark clouds did appear, but we still had decent weather when we went for lunch at Laem Hin Seafood.

(above) the jetty at Laem Hin, 24th August 2014

There was some rain around during the day, but we missed it. If you see dark clouds, if it's raining where you are ... take a drive! Head towards the brighter skies - the rain is often very localised in the Phuket area.

August 23rd - decent weather, mostly sunny. A morning at home, we had electricians in the house fitting 2 new water heaters in our bathrooms, then we headed into Phuket Town, kids for art class and my wife and I to drink coffee! We tried a new place called the "B Cat Cafe", which has cats in the cafe - it was OK, maybe a tad overpriced and then a longer sit with coffee at Since 1892, a nice place on Thalang Road.

August 22nd - a working day for me, the weather was OK as I recall. It did piss down for a few minutes in the morning, but the afternoon was lovely, and I even got a nice sunset while stuck in traffic (see below) ...

August 21st - a Tweet said "Phuket weather today : kind of grey, not sunny, not wet, not too grey"

Some low season days are nice, some are not, and some are just kind of grey.

August 20th - I must have been busy at work because my only Tweet for the day said "Morning weather in Phuket : grey. Rained a bit during the night."

August 19th - "Phuket weather this morning - lovely and sunny, though I did see a dark cloud hovering over the hills."

August 18th - The morning Tweet said "Current weather at Karon beach, Phuket ... rain. Not a beach day" but things got better and I was in Phuket Town in the evening to meet fellow blogger Tim (see Tim in Phuket) for some dinner, although it seems Monday evening is not the right evening for town, pretty much all closed! We found ourselves in Kopi de Phuket, an old cafe which has been there for a long time, I am sure it was there when I first came to Phuket. While wandering I took a sunset photo along Thalang Road ...

(above) in old Phuket Town, August 18th 2014

August 17th - lovely hot sunny day. And a very lazy day including several beers at a friend's house while our kids played guitar.

(above) Skies over my house, August 17th :)

August 16th - My first Tweet of the day : "Really really wet morning at my house in Phuket .. heavy rain for hours, thunder, no sign of a let up yet."

It was indeed a very wet morning, some minor floods on roads around Phuket Town and in Patong, but by 11am we drove to the Central Festival mall with no problems, had lunch there and with the skies clearing we took a drive to the north of Phuket. We stopped at Layan beach, which we'd not been to for a few years. I wanted to check on the progress of the army plan to return Phuket beaches to nature. Well, Layan was always pretty natural, and still looks nice ...

(above) August 16th at Layan Beach after a wet morning ... don't let the rain deter you for having a good day, it's not raining everywhere! I've just posted a new blog post on Jamie's Phuket about Layan Beach.

August 15th - WET! Very wet. Well, I saw photos online of flooded roads in Patong, but I drove 20km to work at Karon beach and did not see any floods myself. But yes it was a wet morning!

August 14th - a beautiful sunny day (no sign of the rain to come!)

August 13th "Weather this morning ... undecided. Sun and dark clouds. Probably raining in some parts of Phuket, but sunny at my house :)"

IMPORTANT - If you are in Phuket in the low season and it's raining where you are ... MOVE! Hire a car, take a taxi, take a trip, it might well be nice weather if you drive 20 minutes. Sure there are plenty of things to do on a rainy day in Phuket, but do keep in mind that it's not going to be wet everywhere and not going to be wet all day.

I'll be off to England next week, and not 100% sure when I will be back. Some time in September. Hopefully in time for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which starts September 23rd. If you are coming to Phuket soon, enjoy!

The Phuket Weather Blog

August. Die She Must.

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